young litter

November 2020

On October 16th, 2020 we welcomed the Young litter from Viva Valentina of the Aire Victory and Nestor Magic Boy van’t Asbroek, with one girl and six boys. We are proud to introduce Young Duchess Hope into our breeding program in 2 years time. The boys all have super homes waiting for them. 
This year was an extremely stressful in light of COVID-19. Due to this we were limited in our visitors. However, to combat this, we are able to use technology like Zoom where we are able to show weekly updates to our puppy owners. Once the pups have gone home we plan to hold a four to six week puppy training class online via Zoom, which will be followed with advance training. This training program is based upon the Absolute Dog UK training methods.
As of November first, we are planning 2 litters this winter from Aireheart Romantic Lucianna and Aireheart Lovely Emma to be bred by our Dutch sire Valdez of Stocklots.  We pray that the breeding will be successful.  We do have a long waiting list and so one litter has already been spoken for.  
As for applications, we are screening very carefully as we are looking for honest families who will highly appreciate and take to heart our puppy culture program, food, supplements and dedicated to follow our puppy training. We don’t just hand out applications randomly. 
You may email, what’s app or telephone me about our program anytime and I will answer any questions you may have. If I don’t have the answers I will certainly find them for you. 
Cheers, Jorien