TLC & NuVet


Food is the most important thing for everyone, and so we should feed the best that we can. TLC delivers in quality and also literally ships via FedEx to your door.

Having tried numerous top pet store brands we always seemed to have health issues due to the fact that either recipes changed slightly or the ingredients were inadequate. TLC is the best brand we’ve found. They use high quality ingredients and are extremely affordable. Because we have set a high food standard for both our adults and our pups, we do require all puppy buyers to continue using this food when the puppy arrives home. 

If you would like to give TLC a try, redeem the coupon on the left, at TLC’s website, to get $5 off your order. Feel free to contact TLC’s dedicated Pet Service Team if you have any questions by phone: 1-877-328-8400 or by email at

NuVet Supplements

We have set a high standard for not only food but also health support.. NuVet Plus and NuVet Joint are two fantastic products. They boost the immune system for both the pups and adults. We require our puppy owners to use these supplements to continue where we left off at the kennel, for at least the first year of the pups life. This will bridge the immune gap that all pups go through as they leave our kennel and face the stress that they encounter when settling into their new home, and go through the vaccination phases. Just like we supplement ourselves with our daily vitamins, so too should we not forget to supplement our pets. 

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to email us and we will send you the full brochures for these great products. New owners will receive this information in their puppy packs.