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Please check the News section on our home page first. We have litters regularly, however, we usually sell our litters months in advance. 

We screen very carefully. We do a telephone interview. After that I have you sign our puppy contract and accept your deposit. 

Absolutely. We value our pups and if everyone is using the same food as we do in the kennel we are all on the same page. 

Price for pups is $2750 + GST. This includes 5 weeks of puppy training via Zoom and in addition, 10 weeks of Zoom puppy visitation and education.

Due to COVID-19 we are doing all visits via Zoom.

No! These are living animals and health guaranteeing a living thing is impossible. Having said that, should the puppy die before the age of 1 due to organ failure (heart, liver, kidney, cancer) then we have no problem replacing you with another pup from a future litter.  

All our dogs are health checked, this includes their hips by our licensed veterinarian. 

Of course! Here are the links to the kennels

of the Aire Victory: 
Sher Airedale Terriers Russia:
of the Ambitious Home:

It is very important to me that you are familiar with our puppy program, as well as our food and supplements. These will be in our puppy contract. The more you are aware of how your puppy will be raised and fed, the easier it is for you and takes the guess work out of the equation. 

Absolutely! They still remain our pups no matter what age or what circumstances. We will never leave our babies in the dark. 

Always! I promise to be here for you and your puppy for the duration of its life. Think of me as its second mom!

Yes. We offer weekly training sessions via Zoom, based upon Absolute Dog UK. We offer basic puppy training; advanced puppy training, and open advanced puppy training. After this you can choose to join our more advanced training levels – agility, scent training and companion training.

Hormones are of vital importance to bone growth and overall health. All pups must remain intact until after the age of one year, preferably 18 months. 

Due to the extreme high volume of callers, we choose very carefully. Please be as detailed as possible as to why you want an Airedale, and secondly, why you chose us to be your breeder. Then we do a zoom chat and go from there.

No! We already have a full kennel and do not have room to add more. However, we will do our utmost to find a new home for your puppy/dog when this occasion arises. We will never leave you hanging.