Aireheart Jolly Posie - Rosa | January 9, 2017

Rosa came back to the Kennel at six months of age due to uncontrolled circumstances in her family home. When she came we first started looking for a new forever home, however when the owner of Of Stocklots kennels in the Netherlands was visiting during this same period, she took one look at Rosa and declared we had to keep her because she's structurally perfect, aside from her crazy ears.

Mother: Anna of Aireheart | Father: Nestor Magic Boy van't Asbroek

Litters: Proud (2018); Unique (2019); Xplorers (2020)


Aireheart Romantic Lucianna | January 9, 2019

Lucia was born at Aireheart from our beautiful Anna. She has a lot of spunk, similar to her sister Rosa. Her beauty and disposition are amazing. She is a gentle soul.

Mother: Anna | Father: Nestor

Litters: Zesty (2021) - with Valdez


Aireheart Terrific Dievera (Vera) | April 14, 2019

Out of the Terrific Litter, Vera was absolutely stunning right from the start. Her sweet yet goofy disposition and body structure was immaculate. We did not have to think twice when she was chosen to join our breeding program. She has a very upbeat character and keeps us smiling with her funny tactics. A true Daddy's gril.

Mother: Nina | Father: Famous

Litters: Cool (2021) - with Nestor


Aireheart Lovely Emma | June 25, 2017 - RETIRED

Emma was born at Aireheart and flew with her new owner at ten weeks of age all the way to St. John's Newfoundland where she spent six beautiful weeks. Her owner fell ill and was unable to take care of her so she immediately flew back to our kennel. She has an extremely sweet disposition and upon recommendation from Of Stocklots, we placed her into our Breeding program.

Due to unforeseen complications delivering her Angel litter, Emma is no longer able to remain in our breeding program. She is currently living with her mom Emily - who retired two years ago - in Spruce Grove Alberta.

Mother: Sans Souci of Stocklots (Emily) | Father: Famous of the Dutch Silvercity.

Litters: Victory (2019) - Sire: Nestor; Angels (2021) - Sire: Valdez


Viva Valentina of the Aire Victory - Nina | March 31, 2015 - RETIRED

Nina hails from the Netherlands. Her parents both hold multiple multi and international championships. Her Father: Flaire Matterhorn for Sher (Moscow Russia) Crufts Best of Breed winner in 2015 and reserve winner 2019. Her Mother: Giambattista of the Aire Victory.

Nina joined our kennel in 2015 at ten weeks old. Nina is gentle yet feisty and is very outgoing. She loves puppies and is extremely protective. Nina is now six years old and has given us 5 beautiful litters, she is now retired from our breeding program. We lover her dearly and she will remain at our kennel forever, watching over her grandchildren.

Litters: Kind (2017) - with Nestor van't Asbroek; Noble (2018) - with Nestor van't Asbroek; Terrific (2019) - with Famous of the Dutch Silvercity; Young (2020) - with Nestor; Brave (2021) - with Nestor



Nestor Magic Boy van't Asbroek | November 7, 2014

Nestor joined our kennel in 2015 at the age of ten weeks. He comes from Belgium and his parents are multi European Champions. His father is: Eye of the Tyger Des Tip Top Terriers (France), and his mother is: It van't Asbroek (Belgium).

The van't Asbroek Kennel is well known in Europe for producing top quality Airedales. They have bred many World Champions and Reserve Crufts Best of Breed winners. We are extremely proud of Nestor's lineage, and have kept two of his daughters: Jolly Rosa and Romantic Lucianna, as well as grandson: Aireheart Unique Jolly Snoopy.

Litters: Jolly (2017); Kind (2017); Magic (2017); Noble (2018), Orion (2018); Querido (2028); Romantic (2019); Saint (2019); Victory (2019); Wise (2020); Young (2020); Brave (2021); Cool (2021)


Valdez of Stocklots | February 18, 2017

Valdez is from the Netherlands. His Father is: Ch. Young Duke's Mister Jack, and his Mother is: Royal Highness of Stocklots. He is pure royalty, as his lineage holds numerous championship titles, too many to count. He's an extremely proud boy. Valdez loves to prance around the kennel and keep everyone entertained, but he's a true sweetheart.

Litters: Unique (2019); Xplorer (2020); Zesty (2021); Angels (2021);


Famous of the Dutch Silvercity | February 4, 2012 | RETIRED

Famous came to us at the age of ten weeks from the Netherlands. His father is the multi European champion: Navigator of Dustmountain (NL, B, Gr, Lux, Int) and his grandfather is Gianni of the Aire Victory (world/Int Ch). Both Famous's grandfathers and great grandfathers hold World Championship titles, thus his name "Famous."

He is a real sweetheart and loves to play. He is extremely keen and wants to please. He is also extremely calm and gentle. We kept three of his daughters: Madeline, Emma and Vera.

Currently Famous is enjoying his retirement, at the age of nine he is the anchor of our kennel.

Litters: Bachelor/Bachelorette (2014); Courageous (2014); Energetic (2015); Fantastic (2015); Gorgeous (2016); Humorous (2016); Incredible (2016); Lovely (2017); Proud (2018); Terrific (2019).